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MEMO: Marketing Potential for Lance Armstrong Issue

MEMO: Brainstroming session on marketing potential for Lance Armstrong issue

• Lance Armstrong may have shown us a cure for cancer: Lying.

• Maybe if you are able to deceive others so convincingly that you actually begin to believe your own lies, you can physically manifest these "truths." (Please use air quotes around "truths" if reading aloud for clarification and because they look so darn cute.)  The bigger the lie, i.e. the more people duped by the lie, the more powerful these manifestations might be so that one could, say, win a bike race or two. And, perhaps, beat down an insidious growing disease.  Think: The Secret only with better graphics. Perhaps "self publish" (again, air quotes) and social media marketing only for "authenticity." Do we know anyone who could "channel" Prefontaine? 

• This has rubber bracelet potential. As for all those hundreds of thousands of LIVESTRONG bracelets already sold? Advise people to use black permanent markers to put an X over the E. Bam: LIESTRONG   Make sure media picks up on Green aspect. 

• Also, approach medical research clients about looking into that doping stuff used by professional cyclists. Maybe the ingredients that go into that crazy cocktail have the quirky side effect of curing cancer. Unfortunately,  the issue of the rubber bracelet lettering becomes problematic. But it's still worth a shot. (Ha ha.)

• If, in fact,  doping does cure cancer, we'd be a shoe-in for an AME Award and the CLIO. Put R&D on potential of other available awards. Nobel?  

• Consider developing a doping/lying product package to be marketed to bike commuters eager to shorten their time in the saddle. It could come in a stylish messenger bag. Marketing potenial in logo water bottles, bike locks, etc. Bonus: No more excuses about being late to these early morning brainstorming sessions.