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"MID-COAST MEDICAL TRILOGY" by Lynne Marshall--Tender Loving Care from medical professionals with lots of heart!

"MID-COAST MEDICAL TRILOGY" by Lynne Marshall--Tender Loving Care from medical professionals with lots of heart!

by Virginia Campbell    


Lynne Marshall's "Mid-Coast Medical Trilogy" is thoughtfully written, and it offers vivid characterizations and wonderfully detailed story lines. Each entry in the series features a romance between two coworkers from the Santa Barbara Mid-Coast Medical Group. The medical offices are housed in a beautiful, cream-colored Victorian mansion converted into a modern, high-efficiency clinic with a welcoming, homey atmosphere. Each member of the medical group has a certain specialty, and they work together to offer optimal medical care for their patients. If only those dreamy doctors made house calls! Lynne Marshall is an involving and descriptive storyteller, and her background as an RN is evident in her extremely knowledgeable handling of the medical dialogue and patient situations. Her personal warmth shines through as she makes each character come alive and pulls you right into their thoughts and experiences. These three romances are definitely "heart with heat", and they are as touching as they are sensual.   


The Boss and Nurse Albright    

The Heart Doctor and the Baby   

The Christmas Baby Bump  


In Lynne Marshall's "The Boss and Nurse Albright", the first book in her "Mid-Coast Medical Trilogy", we meet two dedicated medical professionals who both need a healing touch in their lives. Dr. Jason Rogers is the stern and steely family practice GP of the Mid-Coast Medical Group. Suffering from the tragic loss of his wife and daughter, Jason prefers to avoid emotional involvements and keeps others at a distance. When Registered Nurse Practitioner Claire Albright joins the medical group, her sincere smile and her holistic approach to treating patients both begin to stir unwanted feelings in Jason. Claire also has a young daughter, Gina, whose presence serves as a painful reminder to Jason of the absence of his own sweet child. At first, Jason wants nothing to do with Claire's alternative medical treatments, but he soon comes to respect her knowledge and professionalism. He feels guilt over his attraction to Claire, and struggles with the sense that he is betraying his late wife. Claire has her own inner conflicts, and has no intention of becoming involved with the taciturn Dr. Rogers. When Claire became chronically ill with Lupus, her former husband could not handle a wife who was not always at her best. He made her feel less than desirable, and their marriage came to a painful end. She is afraid that another romantic relationship will suffer the same fate, but she is greatly attracted to Jason. Lynne Marshall's experience as a Registered Nurse lends an interesting authenticity to the medical story line, and her heartwarming characterizations make this a very touching and satisfying romance read. Seeing Jason come to terms with his loss and come alive again, and watching Claire overcome her self-doubts and bloom again as a woman makes you root for these two lovers to find their very happy ending.


"The Heart Doctor and the Baby" by Lynne Marshall introduces us to Rene Munro, a successful obstetrician, who at age thirty-five is single and longing to become a mother. She sees her colleague, Jon Becker, a top-notch cardiologist, as the perfect candidate to father her baby. While working together as members of the Mid-Coast Medical Group, Rene and Jon had formed a friendly, respectful professional relationship that had not included a romantic involvement. Jon had been greatly hurt when his wife of many years had surprised him with a divorce, and he had immersed himself in his work while remaining close to his two teenaged daughters. Earlier in her life, Rene had been deeply in love with someone whom she thought would marry her and give her the family she so wanted. Instead, he left her broken-hearted and alone, and Rene had focused on her career of helping others bring their children into this world. When Rene asks Jon to father her child, he is stunned, and his whole world is turned upside down. After much discussion and thought, Jon agrees with Rene's plan, and they form a contract. However, hidden longings and unexpected desire soon come into the picture, and a practical arrangement becomes an emotional roller coaster. Have two competent, intelligent and reasonable people made a mistake with unforeseen, lasting emotional consequences? Lynne Marshall's medical expertise and skill as a storyteller draw us into the dilemma of two hearts who thought they knew exactly what they wanted, but are shaken to find that they need much more.


Phil Hansen, the acknowledged playboy of the Mid-Coast Medical Group, finally meets his match in "The Christmas Baby Bump". A former surfing star who became an esteemed pulmonary specialist, Phil is a gorgeous golden boy. Seemingly carefree and permanently unattached, he enjoys a successful career, the attentions of beautiful women, and an enviable lifestyle in a magnificent home. After he meets his new colleague, Stephanie Bennett, he starts to look at his own life with new eyes. Taking care of his much younger half-brother while his father and stepmother are vacationing proves to be another eye-opener for Phil. He recruits all the help he can get, including a surprisingly reluctant Stephanie. Phil is used to short-term, leave on good terms, romantic flings, but he shocks himself by wanting more from Stephanie. She is keeping a painful secret, and while she enjoys her relationship with Phil, she knows that she is there for a brief while to fill in for a colleague on maternity leave. In her mind, she can become lovers with Phil, and then leave their relationship behind when the time comes. An unexpected pregnancy changes both of their lives, and Phil is determined to have Stephanie and their child in his life. Will former world-class player Phil win this emotional war and become the family man he suddenly longs to be? Lynne Marshall brings her "Mid-Coast Medical Trilogy" to a resoundingly romantic conclusion as Phil and Stephanie find a happiness neither had ever imagined.