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Egypt News Bulletin - June 29

Early this morning, a communique was delivered by messenger to this office. Inside were two sheets of copy paper and a hand written note to this reporter from a known insider at Egyptian FIN headquarters asking for anonymity regarding this delivery and the contents of the two pages both dated June 28 that are transcribed here.

Racine, Wisc. June 28
(recipient name blacked out)

I am pleased to report to you that Dr. Robert Ritner has been found and taken into custody. The Racine Police were at his house when Dr Ritner drove up and got out of his car. This is not, I repeat, NOT the imposter that we are searching for but the real Dr. Ritner, age 68 yrs. The Racine PD has removed him to their central station and have secured him in an interrogation room. The car he was driving was impounded and taken to be thoroughly searched. I know that you may be disappointed that this was not the imposter, but Dr. Ritner has indicated a willingness to be forthcoming about any questions he may be asked. At this time, Dr. Ritner is not under arrest, but being detained for his own safety. A doctor has been called to examine the health of Dr. Ritner.

I hope to have further information later this day.

(sender name blacked out)

Racine, Wisc. June 29

There is a serious problem here. The doctor that examined Dr. Ritner earlier pronounced him fit for a man his age. That turned out to be not the case at all.

Agents from the American CIA, HSA and NSA arrived at the Racine Police station determined to talk to Dr Ritner. Myself and agent (name blacked out) protested vigorously as did the Racine Detectives assigned to this case about jurisdiction. It was decided that one detective from the Racine Police would do the questioning so as not to alarm or stress Dr. Ritner with too many strangers asking too many questions. The detective had an earpiece to hear any comments or questions asked by the gathered agents on the other side of a one-way mirror, and he had a prepared paper of questions to ask.

Shortly after the detective began by asking generalized questions of Dr. Ritner, approximately ten minutes, Dr. Ritner asked to rest a moment and put his head down on his crossed forearms on the table. That was the last of Dr. Ritner. He apparently died at that moment. Another doctor was summoned.

Dr. Ritner was placed on the table in the interrogation room and examined by the doctor. That’s when things went wrong fast. Dr. Ritner’s shirt was unbuttoned and the normal stethoscope placement was started. The examining doctor stood up abruptly and said he heard a whirring sound in the chest of Dr. Ritner. The Asst County Coroner was at the station delivering autopsy reports for another case and was called in to examine the Dr. He borrowed a scalpel from the doctors satchel and cut open the abdominal region below the diaphragm. No blood issued from the cut and when peeled back, astonishment swept the room. This Dr. Ritner was apparently some sort of robot that had shut itself down. Questions flew from every direction. It occurred to someone to ask why the first doctor had not noticed this and a call went out to find him. There was no success in the search. One Racine officer stated that the doctor in question was in the office at that time on another matter and he was sent in. Then the standard room CCTV video was scanned. The video began when Dr. Ritner was first brought into the room was played back until it showed the first doctors arrival and exam. Nothing abnormal happened in the exam, until the first doctor looked up directly into the lens of the recording camera. It was the imposter, Dr. Ritner. No one had noticed, in spite of all the circulars with his picture, this was just another doctor in a white lab coat.

Agents from the CIA, HSA and NSA began discussing who had jurisdiction now over the body of Dr. Ritner.

I am sorry to have to bring you this bad news, (name blacked out). I have no explanation why (name blacked out) or myself failed to recognize the imposter when he showed.

(name blacked out)

A call to Egyptian FIN headquarters here in Cairo was not returned. A call to Cairo University was referred to FIN.

This story seems to turn more and more complex as new facts are learned. In a related incident, the two Egyptian FIN agents left to guard the excavated tomb at Abydos where this tale began, have disappeared over this past weekend. Considering all that has happened since this tomb was discovered and opened, foul play is a definite possibility. No other information was provided by FIN.