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Egypt News Bulletin - June 17

Cairo, June 17.   A bizarre turn of events has been reported anonymously on the search for Dr. Robert Ritner. Apparently an impersonator came to Egypt and successfully identified himself as Dr. Robert Ritner of the University of Chicago, Professor of Egyptology, Department of Antiquities.
An official spokesman for the University of Chicago reported to Egyptian authorities that Dr. Robert Ritner has been on extended leave from the University at his summer home in Racine, Wisconsin since May 1, and has not left that area.  The Dr. Robert Ritner in Egypt is an unknown individual who bears a striking resemblance to the real Dr. Ritner, but is apparently a much younger man. The real Dr. Ritner is almost 68 yrs old. A series of photographs received by Egyptian Intelligence authorities show Dr. Ritner at several different ages, and the one photograph that corresponds with the Dr. Ritner sought here was taken in 1988, 23 yrs ago. University of Chicago officials have been in touch with Dr. Ritner at his home in Racine and are baffled as to the true identity of the local Dr. Ritner, who was in possession of all necessary papers and identification confirming he was Dr. Ritner from the University when he arrived in Egypt on May 29 after the discovery of the mysterious stele from the tomb of Ramessunakht at Abydos. The anonymous source said that Egyptian FIN investigators have redoubled their efforts in the search for the imposter and the mysterious stele. American embassy officials are assisting Egyptian authorities in this new turn of events in the investigation.