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What happened to 2008?

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm just getting used to writing "2008" and it's almost over. How did that happen? Okay, I fell down a flight of stairs and had a concussion, and I admit that my memory is just about back to normal after four months of "What's that word that means 'looking inside yourself'?" and "What's the title of my novel?" and assorted lapses that reminded me daily how lucky I was that my head hit steps  that were carpeted. (The injury did not, however, affect my ability to call voters, get myself to the polls---no WAY was I going to cast this ballot by mail!---or be jubilant when the votes rolled in and all those red states were transformed to a beautiful blue!)

 So what's the upshot of all of this? Life is good, and it's better to be alive and slightly forgetful than not be around to watch in fascination as our country changes.  Now, if our new President could just bundle up our kids in Iraq and bring them home, stop the flow of cash to a Wall Street that will misuse it..as always..and put those billions into our schools and health care...what a wonderful world this would be.

 A new year...a new hope...yes, we can. And, therefore, we should.

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Hi, Victoria

Welcome back! Glad to know you've made a good recovery. What happened to 2008? For me, much of it's been hi-jacked by RR. It's populated by such interesting writers, I'm a real junkie!



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Beware those addictions!

RedRoom is definitely addictive...all that good reading and community spirit would drive Scrooge nuts!

Bless the junkies!

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Mary Lynn Archibald

Hi Victoria,

Hard to believe I was reading your book as you were recovering. So glad you're better. (I got your book at the Red Room mixer, but I can't recall when that was, and I don't have an excuse!) 

Anyway, I related to your professor as she ruminated on family at her desk or on her deck. Wish I had time to do that.

I lent your book, the Bone Weaver, to  a woman in my writing group who is writing a similar novel. I think she'll appreciate it, too.


Mary Lynn

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Night of a Hundred Authors

The mixer in question was in July, Mary Lynn. Here's the recap, because 'tis the season for nostalgia.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Huntingon, thanks for the good wishes...and I'm fine, 98% recovered.

"The mixer in question was in July"...I do remember it, and I have to admit that any lapse of memory is probably due more to age than injury!

Hope your holidays are joyful.


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Writing novels


Your friend has my admiration, sympathy, and all those emotions that I relate to novel writing. I love doing it, but can't find the time...not because it isn't there, but because I don't seem to be using my time wisely at the moment. Except for...essays are arriving for the new anthology, The Face in the Mirror, and I'm focused on editing. I'm so excited about this book!

 Thanks for reading Bone Weaver...I think it's out of circulation now, although I happen to have, oh, 300 copies in my closet!

If your friend is doing historical flashbacks, tell her she's welcomed to contact me (through my website). I did some things the hard way and might be able to give her some useful information.

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Good to see you

I'm sorry to hear about your fall, Victoria, but I'm glad to see you back on Red Room!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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How do writers make ends meet?

In this miserable economy, most of my writer friends are doing what I do: teach, scramble for freelance editing and writing work, pray, whatever works. Masha Hamilton, author of the bestselling Camel Bookmobile, has come up with a unique idea: converting part of her home into a B&B.  I've been there and it's lovely, so if anyone you know is going to Manhattan or Brooklyn, keep Sterling Bed and Breakfast in mind (www.sterlingbedandbreakfast.com). It's in a turn-of-the-century townhouse, just minutes to the subway, 15 minutes from NYC, and you can walk to the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens.  Price includes an amazing breakfast of fresh-baked sins.

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I meant to post this as a new blog subject, so please don't comment here...go to the new subject...please...thanks!

Happy holidays,

Techno-idjut V.