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Elizabeth Lyon: Giving Back

Many of you have met Elizabeth Lyon and have enjoyed her quick wit and openness, while an even larger number of you have used her books on writing and editing...for your own writing and for your students'.  I received this email and thought we might get something moving for Elizabeth. 

About six weeks ago Elizabeth was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the spine. She will have a full spinal fusion, using donor bones, on October 13th, at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), the teaching hospital in Portland, Oregon. The doctor estimates that after recovery she should experience 50% or more reduction in pain.

The primary reason for this e-mail is to ask for help for her and to let you know that Elizabeth’s activities will be severely restricted, including meal preparation and light chores, during at least the first three months of recuperation. The graft bones and her bones, T-12 through the pelvis, must bind and then grow strong. If you would like to help, you can in at least three different ways.

1) If you live locally, you can [contact] Elizabeth after October 25 (her estimated return date after a week in the hospital and with a nearby friend). Only restriction: NO DAIRY.  elyon123@comcast.net.

2) [Her] home is adjacent to two businesses that can deliver food to her. Both accept credit card deposits on her behalf. These two establishments are as follows:

Dinners Done Right, a company that offers pre-prepared (to be cooked) main courses. Local friends can prepare them for her until she is able to do so. Because this establishment is located so close to Elizabeth’s home, they will assemble the meals and deliver them to her. One dinner equals 3-4 main courses. To call to make a gift to Elizabeth’s account with Dinners Done Right, call 541-741-8463 (Marilyn, manager). Elizabeth will select among the dinners offered in a given month. For questions, e-mail: eugenespringfield@dinnersdoneright.com. You can learn more about the company and see its menus at www.dinnersdoneright.com.

The other nearby food establishment is Quiznos Subs and Sandwiches. You may call in and offer any amount to a gift card in her name. You will need to provide the gift card number: 603571-015966-7928969. The phone number is 541-744-2998 (managers Sara or Jennifer). They will deliver lunches to her home. It is possible that you can do this at the Quiznos website, but that hasn't been checked out.

3) If you would simply like to send a donation to be applied toward her needs, she will have many bills and little if any income. She will be able to do minimal editing work for quite some time. Checks should be made out to Elizabeth Lyons and mailed to 3530 E. Game Farm Rd, #39, Springfield, OR 97477. If you prefer to donate anonymously, make the check out to Louis Lyons and put his name on the envelope. (This is Elizabeth's former husband and very supportive friend.)

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Thank you for posting this

I also have used Elizabeth's books to teach, especially how to write a book proposal. Hers is the best. I hope this garners a lot of support for her!

If anyone sees this here and helps, please post a comment saying you pitched in.

At some point, we'll have a whole section on Red Room for fellow writers in need. I look forward to that.

Ivory Madison
Founder and CEO, Red Room