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Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime? Wait...Make That $110,000

Obama won, he's burning the midnight whatever-people-burn-now-that-candles-are-deemed-bad-for-the-eyes and, despite what a few aging white men declare, he just might succeed. So why am I occasionally beset by just a wee hint of bitterness? Do any of those guys (yes, I do mean Republicans) take responsibility for the last eight years of shoveling our bodies into a deep hole out of which some of us are finding it very difficult to climb? Teaching, freelancing, editing, dribbles and drabs, dribbles and drabs. Did I mention that the last time I spent the night in a hospital was in 1972...yet I'm paying Blue Cross (sorry, Anthem...oh say, can you see) more than $560 a month for medical and dental coverage? Let me tell you, the most thrilling thing about getting older is that 65 rolls around and it's Medicare time. I'm already composing my little note to Anthem, thanking them for the $110,000 I've paid them over the last 30 years...and never had the good sense to get sick enough to benefit.  Do you realize that I could  buy a house in the midwest for what  I've paid out in health insurance?

Okay, okay I'll stop...I'm even boring ME.

All of this is to say...and there's no arc here, so you can grade me down...that I'll be the guest blogger next week for Kepler's blog. Come on by, say hello, shamelessly pitch your book...they have a huge following...I'm very excited about this and have NO idea what I'm doing. Guests will help.  http://wellreaddonkey.blogspot.com/