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     It was a big wave day at the Capitola jetty in Santa Cruz, and I was caught inside.  I knew I’d have to duck under five or six waves, holding on hard to my longboard and praying it didn’t get wrenched from my hands. If I lost my board, I’d get tumbled and be upside down under water, scrambling...
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       This isn’t a blog about the famous authors I’ve met at Writer’s Conferences. I’ve never had the cash or, with two children, the time to attend my west coast Maui or Squaw Valley Writer’s Conference. I’ve been to three Conferences, one in my hometown of Santa Cruz where Jim Houston spoke, and...
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Food, What?! supporters enjoying a farm fresh meal on the UCSC Farm
     When Jamie Oliver set out to change the eating habits of people in Huntington, West Virginia, he cut up a whole raw chicken in front of a group of school children. He started by removing the breasts, legs, and wings and separating them from the leftover carcass. Then he asked the children...
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On the eve of his fifteenth year, our autistic son Eliot’s math was still shaky. “Tonight it’s 2009,” I told him, explaining not for the first time the significance of the birthday he shared with his aunt Jeffery. “It will be next year when you wake up tomorrow on your birthday. What year will it...
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Robin And Eliot
     My husband Blue and I learned firsthand that our nation's public elementary schools were full of teachers who performed miracles on a daily basis, often with only their students as witnesses. When they were young both our children were blessed with good teachers, but Robin came along at a...
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Jorge at the Harvest Festival
This week Red Room asked its authors to blog about a Revolution. My relevant topic is the food movement in our public schools. It is by no means a fast revolution. But the way it has changed the life of a student I hold dear is indeed a revolution. One morning I came out of our house just as...
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