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Victoria N. Alexander's Books

Biologist's Mistress
Drawing on her experiences as a complexity theorist, novelist and art theorist, Victoria Alexander takes us "inside" paradoxically purposeful self-organizing entities (which somehow make themselves without having selves yet to do the making), and she shows us how poetic-like relationships--things coincidentally like each other or metaphoric, and things coincidentally near...
Synopsis: When the Girlie Playhouse becomes the subject of a tabloid investigation, tragedy follows romance.Praise for TrixieA fresh, impish, and superbly sexy story, Trixie makes no attempt to represent realistically seedy topless bars or McStripper gentlemen clubs. Instead, Alexander’s gorgeous novel convincingly imagines what strip clubs would be like if women had their way....
Naked Singularity
When Hali’s father asks her to euthanize him, she reluctantly agrees, brooding upon the idea of the afterlife in a way that is both challenging and deeply moving.
Smoking Hopes
A back-sliding atheist journeys through Japanese hostess bars in search of her estranged husband Gottlieb.