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I am competing with an author who is a dog
Trixie, a novel

Having launched the Kindle-iPhone-iPod Touch version of my new novel Trixie weeks ago, I was anxious to see if the title came up, with all its fingers and toes, at the top of a book search on Amazon.com.  To my disappointment, I found that Trixie ranks low in the listings. It is preceded by several books written by Trixie Koontz, who, it turns out, is Dean Koontz's golden retriever.

Trixie the dog writes self-help books, apparently, and she seems to be almost as prolific as her pop novelist owner. Trixie the novel, on the other hand, is an amusing Nabokovian tale about a strip club. Although it's not self-help per se, it is literary fiction so it can't hurt you and it just might help. Trixie the novel can tell you nothing about how to mark your territory, how to get your ears massaged or how to find the best spot in the sun on a winter's day, but it will be able to elaborate on Trixie the dog's pheromonal view of mating rituals, and it has probably some of the best tail wagging in literature. 

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I'm thinking that an

I'm thinking that an interesting subtitle for this post might be "The Lady or the Dog". I feel your pain. You can't look up my newly minted novel "Shades of Luz" by my name. You can only look it up by its title. Too many John Gormans roaming around out there.

On a side note, I noticed a couple of books in your favs that I need to put in my TBR queue: "The Sea" and "The Real Life of Sebastian Knight"

Best of luck with "Trixie".

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Thanks for the kind words. Parents just don't think of these things when they name their kids.

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Take heart

If your novel Trixie comes up even loosely associated with Trixie Koontz you will have many hits. I actually found out about your novel while randomly checking to see if Dean Koontz was on Red Room, though I bargained he was not. He is excellent for a good murder mystery read to take your mind off of reality. His newsletter is totally written by the dog, it's kind of out there. I'm sure, based on past successes, and kind of a popular subject matter these days, Trixie will do well. Have you ever read The Collapsable World by Anne Marino?

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I will

I shouldn't underestimate the possible benefits of serendipity. I just hope my book is not like something Koontz fans trip over in the dark.  @#*!

 I haven't read TCW.  Is it poetic?  I like a book that pays attention to language and puts me solidly in someone else's head.  

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The Collapsible World

Well, it definitely puts you in Lillie's head.  Her sister is a stripper in North Beach & the novel has a good San Francisco feel.  Anne (the author) is someone that I know in the writing community here and she even spoke to my class when I taught at New College.  She is very generous and she is from New York.  Perhaps read a couple of pages before you decide for yourself if it's poetic.