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Balancing Act for Writers

Do you ever feel like you are traveling on a thin wire trying to balance what’s in your heart versus what’s in your brain? I know you do! This balancing act is especially tricky for writers I think because we deal with matters of the heart (emotions) in our writing and we also think while we’re writing. Some of us have a demanding internal editor looking over our shoulder and we need to find ways to keep that editor away while we’re spilling our hearts out. I say, shake that editor off and keep going… keep writing. Who was it that said write with your heart and edit with your brain? I don’t remember, but these are wise words. They suggest a great way to keep your balance.




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internal editors

Very wise words, Victoria! Thank you!


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re: internal editors

Hi Barbara--

Thanks for stopping by!  Did you click on the URL for the image?  It goes with the text but I couldn't get it the imbed code to work :-)


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I love it! Perfect! :-)

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