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While attempting to declutter my office--to make room for more necessary things--I came across a box of cassette tapes of workshops given by some of my favorite authors.  There was a time when I did not get in my car unless I had a cassette to listen to while driving.  Times have...
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Help spread some girl power!
We've all experienced the angst and awkwardness of being a teenager.  What with acne, classmates who taunted us, parents who didn't get us, and homework that overwhelmed us, it's a wonder we made it out of high school with any self-esteem or confidence.  Yes, we had it bad but, in...
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Do you ever feel like you are traveling on a thin wire trying to balance what’s in your heart versus what’s in your brain? I know you do! This balancing act is especially tricky for writers I think because we deal with matters of the heart (emotions) in our writing and we also think while we’re...
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Here's a new writing workshop that may interest Bay Area writers (Northern California): Yes, it's a class that teaches you How To Write Your Novel In Two Weeks! Discover techniques to write fast and get your first draft written in two weeks.  Learn how to prepare for the two-week event, how...
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When Women Waken is an online literary journal publishing fresh voices and images primarily in English from around the world.
I like to make a big deal over each of my publishing firsts. I know what you’re thinking: Don’t you publish for the first time only once?  No, absolutely not. If you’re writing in more than one genre or you write in more than one form, you’ll have many firsts, too. And that means you’ll...
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Do you have a special place to write?  Do you have a special routine to prepare yourself for writing?  How does your space affect your writing?  These and more questions have been buzzing around in my head.  I know the answers for myself but I wondered about other writers....
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When the last of my filmmaking buddies left for Los Angeles I was lost.  I realized I had a choice.  1). I could mope--which I did for about three weeks.  2). I could start all over making new connections--which is fun but time-consuming.  3). I could become a one-woman...
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Wondering what to ask Santa for this year?  Or uncertain what to buy for your dearest writer friends?  I started compiling a visual shopping list on Pinterest to help friends who asked what they should buy for other friends and to assist friends who were stumped when their spouses asked...
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A Life Without Pictures Have your yearbook photo taken.  Even if you can’t afford to buy any for yourself at least it’ll be in the yearbook and there’ll be one snapshot of you in high school.  You know how you hate your uncommon Mexican last name because no one else has it; and you long...
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The Crown of Columbus
My favorite book co-authored by a romantic couple is The Crown of Columbus, written by the husband and wife team of Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris.  Both are bestselling and award-winning writers—Erdrich with novels such as Love Medicine and Tracks; and Dorris with A Yellow Raft in Blue...
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I'm participating in a group novel written by several Avalon Books authors. Each of us is writing one chapter and I think it's off to a great start.  I was assigned Chapter Six and my chapter was posted this week.  Here’s the link to read it.  The idea behind the novel, ALONG FOR THE...
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Sabore, Victoria, and Hellen
I had the honor of meeting a Maasai warrior during his recent visit to Silicon Valley. Sabore Ole Oyie, made an impression on me with his humor, storytelling ability, majestic qualities, and quiet strength.  Enjoying the conversation of our small gathering, I felt in the presence of...
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With the explosion of ebook sales, we can no longer deny the benefits of submitting our work for e-publication.  With a little online research you’ll discover that there are many e-publishers to choose from.  Some may focus on specific genres and some may focus on the type of writing such...
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A House To Herself
I am a huge fan of thrillers. I am particularly drawn to short thrillers of the Twilight Zone type. In fact, I believe that is where my love of thrillers began and I still watch the Twilight Zone TV series whenever I can. Today’s books and movies are lengthy, and while I enjoy them, I don’t have...
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I should have seen it coming. Signs of the economy worsening were everywhere. But being a busy wife, mother, business professional, and moonlighting writer kept my mind occupied and my calendar full. So one afternoon, while I was putting away the dry dishes from that morning's champagne brunch with...
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