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A Life Without Pictures

A Life Without Pictures

Have your yearbook photo taken.  Even if you can’t afford to buy any for yourself at least it’ll be in the yearbook and there’ll be one snapshot of you in high school. 

You know how you hate your uncommon Mexican last name because no one else has it; and you long for an ordinary last name like Rodriguez, Chavez, or Lopez?  Well, guess what?  In a few years you will love your last name for this same reason—because it is rare.  Eventually, you’ll love it because it is who you are.

Don’t worry so much about boys; you’ll end up marrying the man of your dreams.  However, that boy you had a crush on (and never told) will die in a car crash before his 18th birthday—you’ll wish you’d told him.  Maybe, just maybe, your revelation would have delayed him a few hours, or five minutes, or even ten seconds.

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