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Media Training for the Book Tour? Don't leave home without it!

I recently discussed media training with an author who was getting ready to go on her first book tour.  The publisher wasn't going to pay for that service, so she searched around locally and hired someone at the last minute.

Later I called to see how it went.  "Frankly, I was disappointed" she told me.  "I should have gone with you."

How do you know which media trainer is right for you?

In my opinion, it's a fine balance that a trainer must bring, with both media experience and coaching expertise.

A trainer should give you A to Z coaching for your tour:

1.  How to stay healthy on the road

2.  How to look your best (clothes, hair, make-up)

3. How to get grounded and focused before you speak in any environment.

4.  How to select the best passages for readings & how to handle everything from the set-up and transitions to the Q & A and wrap-up.

5.  How to differentiate and adapt for the best performance among the varied types of media interviews: NPR vs. talk radio vs. music stations; live local in-studio TV vs. satellite and national shows; virtual book tours; phone interviews for radio and print.

Because the communication skills you learn in media training can be used every day of your entire life, the training is truly valuable, when done thoroughly.  If your media trainer cannot deliver on all of the above, you're not getting your money's worth, no matter how little--or much-- you pay.