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Short Story
Toronto Night View
Tripping over the man’s legs that were stretched over the heating grate in the sidewalk etched many things into my mind about my first trip to Toronto.  Many things have been tucked away for never forgetting.   I had turned the corner carefully because in front of me I was pushing a stroller holding my toddler.  The smoothed out snowy city sidewalk was white...
Short Story
Taking the long view.
Middle Age Stresses Marriage  -  What to Do?  -  Leave, Stay, Think, Feel?  As I headed out to the balcony with fresh ice tea I could hear them frantically whispering, their slender butts at the edge of their wicker chairs, their heads practically knocking together.             "I thought this would be a great time for an afternoon glass of icy cold tea,...
Short Story
Greetings from Iowa
Talkin' About the Future of Iowa Farming   "Life is a Preparation for Death."  Principle of Zoroastrianism Barely awake, that's how Nathan remembered his little sister, his face muscles almost formed the shadow of his former joyful smile but the moment passed in a quick flicker of time. In her summer shortie pj's, Janie would shuffle down the steep...
Short Story
Natalie's lipstick kiss.jpg
6 Sentences blog on ning
Here is my European answer to the excellently American “OVER A HAMBURGER” prose poem at Bukowski’s basement.   http://bukowskisbasement.blogspot.com/ Friday night, Date night, Year 2009 A couple of minutes before their Friday evening date, she tosses on a clean blouse, brushes her hair back to catch it up in a quick twist and adds a bit of color to her lips....
Short Story
Clean and Observe
            The child stared into the ashtray.  She wondered what she should do.  She could not continue her methodical cleaning of the sparsely furnished dilapidated room until her dilemma was solved. The room contained an oval hand braided rag rug over a shiny painted brown floor.  Both had to be well swept with the electric vacuum sweeper regardless if there...
Short Story
Mini Sixes/Baby Sixing
6 Sentences and perhaps Smith Magazine
 Six Sentences can make quite a story and so can Six Words . . .   First.   "Thunderstorm. Lightening. Flat tire. Bad day." Now this tells a story.    Second.   "Treehouse building children chat among figs." This tells a story but a bit weak.   Third. "Peacetime war, democratic tyranny. living dead." (I was having...
Short Story
Heart's Knowledge
Hint Fiction - Telling a story in 25 words or less.           Childhood Trilogy  Handsome is as Handsome Does  Blonde, blue eyed, movie star handsome.  A smile that charms every lady.  Nice teeth.  Until he lost two.  Her husband knocked them out.    Care for a Kool?  Father smokes a cigarette.  The house feels empty because Mother...
Chaos photo by Heather Stanley
 (written before preemptive wars initiated by U.S.A.) Will We Wear Black for the Dead? I have lived for two years in a city where most of the people wear black.  It was jarring at first when passing a bus stop during the early morning rush, seeing every single person, young and old, wearing black.  Soon I started distinguishing between those that were wearing...