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Mini Sixes/Baby Sixing

 Six Sentences can make quite a story and so can Six Words . . .


First.   "Thunderstorm. Lightening. Flat tire. Bad day."

Now this tells a story.


 Second.   "Treehouse building children chat among figs."

This tells a story but a bit weak.


Third. "Peacetime war, democratic tyranny. living dead."

(I was having trouble focusing on the work I had set out. I started thinking about oxymorons and wondering if I could write a Six with oxymorons. The first one I always think of is "military intelligence" so from there I came up with this 6 word story or 6 word slogan. I feel like it works as a story though. Don't know how it will seem to others. :-) I've been thinking about the book "It can't happen here" and watching the news - my inspirations.)