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Swimming and Making Friends in Crete(Daily Life in Crete)
Swimming in the Cretan Sea

Another article lands in Crete Gazette. This one Kleo wrote when she was about ten years old. Some ideas for having fun at the sea.

You can hear the waves splashing on the ground. You can see the people swimming and laughing. You can smell the food there. Don’t the donuts smell good? You feel a trickle of water, someone is splashing you! You splash back. You end up being friends and have a great time together.

Have you ever been to Greece? If so have you been to the sea? Greece is located in the Aegean Sea. And if you go on a tall mountain then you can see for miles and miles away. And sometimes you can see your house. When we visit Greece we go to Chania in Crete.

When you go to the sea there is usually a snack bar on the beach. There are a bunch of different kinds of food they sell.

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Is Kleo one of your girls?

Is Kleo one of your girls? This is a lovely article, Vicki! I loved the splashing part. :-)

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swimming in Crete

Yes, Kleo is twenty years old now! She has a job and is going to university full time in Athens. She spent the last couple of days as a volunteer to help in orientation with the new students. . . . she still likes to share info. And her major is Communications. She doesn't write as much for fun anymore but she's doing great in her classes.
I still think of her as a little girl though. I have trouble switching to grown up.