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Serial Dreams 2nd day - Busy Dreams, Like Watching a Movie Film
Gold Dust Gecko

 My dream was viewed in a frame.  The frame looked like an antique marred gold painted wooden frame.  On the top of the frame sat a long Gecko comfortably observing all that was happening.  (He had no eyelids so I assume he saw everything not sure if he had any control over the happenings, but possible.)  In this dream I was younger and friends with a young Brad Pitt.  I was still married so I don't think we were dating

A lot of the dream was talking about a journey he wanted to take to China and Northern Africa.  I was sharing with him the information I remembered when I took the same journey.  For instance the types of boats best to take through some city with streets of water as wide as rivers in China.  I talked to him about carrying enough food and somehow carrying a small pot and micro propane burner to cook food because when I was traveling in China I became very hungry. One very rich man lacking in generosity gave me two cups of uncooked white rice to eat. The rice was very crunchy.

In a desert in Western Africa I remember riding in a large jeep around a rectangle with a perimeter of maybe 6 kilometers.  The driver took us around this rectangle many times in some kind of ritual before entering a stone fort containing a palace from one of the old kingdoms. I think I was going there to meet a powerful person who was powerful due to criminal activities.

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