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Peeking at the lovely green blue of the Cretan Sea
Next to our swimming hole the view is stunning!

This lovely view is only about five blocks from our house.  The neighborhood "swimming hole" is to the right.  The swimming hole is seawater next to the shore which is encircled by rocks.  Mostly people who have lived in the neighborhood for many years swim at this spot.  Now with our austerity plans I wonder if more people will swim here rather than drive to a sandy beach.

This year the sea is a color I have never seen before.  True, the color of the sea is constantly changing but,as in the photo, the sea near the shore is a green-blue color. A beautiful transparent green which is refreshing just to see.

We don't have many pefka (pine) trees in the neighborhood because when the summer days become very hot the pine cones burst open when they heat up.  This a dangerous tree to have near houses.  Here though along the sea there is a nice bit of green next to the rocky shoreline.