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How does one start an economic boycott? One step at a time.

What can one person do to demand woldwide civility? 

It's time to organize a world wide economic boycott against Israel and Israel's largest supporter, the U.S.A.

Start by cutting your personal use of FUEL OIl. Work towards a 50% DECREASE THIS WEEK.

1. Walk, use public transport, car pool, half fill your tank with gas or simply top it off so every gasoline consumer is not filling up their tank every time they go to the gas pumps, run errands with a planned route,
and whatever other ways you can come up with

2.check to see if oil is the source of electricity for your home and office & if you have a tank of home fuel oil reduce your use at home and/or work. Turn down thermostat, dress warmly, insulate around windows and doors, turn off lights and appliances not in use! and other ways that you can.

3. Talk with friends and neighbors about cooperative efforts that can be made. Talk to organizations at universities to see if there is an interest.

4.Volunteer to town/city council or county/province seat to work on fuel reduction committee for town/city and neighborhoods.

5.Organize a teach in.

6.Write Letters to : newspapers, radio stations, tv stations, your government representatives, etc. (I will add a list of references to my blog  to help.)

I'll put this list on my blog and add more as I think of them. Please let me know your ideas!!!