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From Macedonia, Greece, yummy caramel & nut frosted Easter Bread

I have been learning how to download photos from my mobile phone so I will be able to share lots more goodies with you.  Hopefully if my hands are busy I won't eat too much!

Nik (my hubby) was given this gift from a visiting former lab tech. Nice, eh!!  She was visiting from the state (often called province in English) of Macedonia which is in Northern Greece.  The most famous person Macedonia is known for is Alexander the Great.  My favorite museum is located at Vergina in Macedonia.  The museum is underground.  When ancient tombs were found on the site the museum was built around the tombs.  I hope you will all be able to visit there one day.

Back to the lovely sweet treat!  This is a photo of tsourekia, Greek Easter Bread, baked as a loaf rather than braided and decorated with the traditional Easter red-dyed egg.  The frosting is unique and a totally new recipe to me.  The caramel frosting is thick and sticky and sprinkled with crunchy caramalized nuts.  Not only that - some of the same ingredients used for the topping were wrapped into the bread dough much like when making cinamon rolls.

I tried very hard to make a nice photo of a slice of bread with the filling swirls, but each time I stepped away from the bread someone was able to grab the slice on top. 

I must say though, so far my theory on not being able to eat too much when my hands are busy is working out very well.