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Every Mother is like Mother Mary . . .
Black Madonna, Chania, Crete

To Mother by Ilias Stamatakis

 Every Mother, my friends,

is like Mother Mary.

If life has rain showers,

Sun, shines in Her heart!!


Inside my Mother's heart

nests love,


in life's shadows

appears as the brightness of the sun!


In life's sea of waves

Mother is the lifeboat.

Her heart beating

with chimes of Easter bells!


Canaries lightly singing,

the scent of violets smelling

in such a way

as to remind me of my Mother!!


The hearts of the world to be

Easter bells ringing


you will always be cheerfully smiling,

our dearest, black and white Mothers  .  .  .


 Published in the Xaniotika Nea, Saturday, May 9, 2009

(translated from the Greek by V. Nikolaidis for Red Room)