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Daily Life in Chania - Refreshing Wines

Daily Life in Chania.  I want to write a note about the the wines of Crete which I have come to enjoy very much.

I have never been much of a wine drinker but find the wines here match so well with the food that I try to remember to make ordering wine a habit.  I usually order "diko sas kratsi" from a restaurant or taverna . . . so they will serve me wine made from their own grapes.  So far I haven't been disappointed!

My favorite is from a taverna called Lemonia.  We go there in the winter because it is very cozy with a fireplace in the corner, thick wooden beams and a wonderful high view of three sides of a mountain valley.  A drive of an hour and a half from the coast into the mountains will takes us to Lemonia's taverna.

We always try to remember to call the day before we plan to dine there.  In that way Lemonia, the owner, can alert her husband so he will have time to hunt for our dinner if say, we are hungry for wild boar or rabbit!  She also serves steaks, beefsteaki (hamburger meat with bread crumbs, egg, and seasonings), cheese pies and other traditional Greek foods.  I prefer Lemonia's red wine because it is rich, full and intense.  I swear it doesn't even need a glass!

In the summer I order white wines from Heraklion.  Heraklion is Crete's most industrial seaport and located on the northeast coast of Crete.  Knossos, the famous ancient plalace of Minos is located next to Heraklion.  For some reason the grapes there seem to produce a lighter, fun wine perfect for summer snacks or fresh seafood meals.

These days organic wines from throughout Crete are easily available.

Be sure to check out Greek wines at your local shop.  Don't let the fact that they are inexpensive stop you!   You may have to ask for help in order to find where the Greek wines are stashed, but that's O.K.!