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STARRED REVIEW “In a change of pace from her Con. Molly Smith mysteries (Among the Departed), Delany has written a splendid Gothic thriller with a theme of strong...
Among the Departed by Vicki Delany
Published by Library Journal
Starred Review. The successful search for a missing boy in the woods near the British Columbian town of Trafalgar also uncovers a human bone that may belong to a man who...
Winter of Secrets
Published by Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. The discovery early one Christmas morning of the bodies of best friends Jason Wyatt-Yarmouth and Ewan Williams, two privileged young men from Toronto, in an SUV...
Valley of the Lost by Vicki Delany
Published by Quill and Quire
Delany has a lot of plot and atmospheric elements to balance, but she does so with relative ease. The focus doesn’t waver from the main investigation, and the built-in suspense of...
Valley of the Lost by Vicki Delany
Published by Publishers Weekly
Delany explores the social dynamics of a small mountain community as well as deftly handling the plot's twists and turns as it builds to a pulse-pounding conclusion.”
In the Shadow of the Glacier, by Vicki Delany
Published by Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly: Delany's intriguing series opener introduces young constable Molly Smith, who almost literally stumbles across a rare murder victim in peaceful Trafalgar,...
In the Shadow of the Glacier, by Vicki Delany
Published by Kirkus Reviews
In the Shadow of the Glacier Kirkus Reviews: A plan to build both a memorial park for Vietnam draft dodgers and a fancy new resort tears a small Canadian town apart. Constable...