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Freedom From Deceit

How do people live with the death of a child, or the lies told by a parent?  Does it shape the lives of the whole family?  What happens when one of the siblings continue to believe the lies either unwittingly or knowingly?  Does the fear of not having a parent in their life allow for the perpetrator of these malicious deceptions continue to the grave?
How can deceptions be turned around?  Can the harm done ever be turned around where trust and love can be brought back to the time were innocent was there in the beginning, or is this the most prevalent game of deceit that can never be won.

It’s not a matter of winning or losing this late in life.  It is a moral obligation of the truth to come out.  To undue the damage done if it truly can be.  When someone is guilty of something, they give themselves away by being paranoid about comments written or perceived.  Can years of lies be turned around, or is the truth so fearful that it will continue to the grave.  Leaving the innocent to go through life wondering why they were not loved the way family should be.  Unconditional love is something that is suppose to be natural and free.

Why does a person have to consort to betrayal, deceit, untruths?  What does a person have to gain from this?  In the end only the innocent knows what damage has been done.  It tears a  family apart, children from their mothers, siblings from their siblings, parents for their children.
What would you think of a mother that has intentionally kept the fact that the man raising her children was not the paternal father.  Then when the children found out it set a war in motion that would continue for years.  The children never know the facts of who they were, why life was turned so upside down for the rest of their life.

In every family there are black sheep, if it is not outstanding or visible the black sheep know who they are.  Some times there are more then one in a family.  Children live with what their parents have done, wether for good or for bad.  They develop there personalities based on what they witness through their childhood.  Some children become just like their parents, other children change their life to never resemble their parents.  For those ones know that a life where it hurts people is not the life they want for themselves nor their future family.

Through someone’s life, there is a lot of times, when a child needs to be supported not ridiculed or betrayed.  They don’t need their children taken by lies that turn their life into nothing more that a dream of fear, tears, regrets.

This would be one reason for a young mother of two to plan to move so far away from this parent that she could never do harm to her children.  Yet it never did happen, the family was separated by deceit and lies.  Leaving the young children to hate, mistrust their mother so much that they have banished her from their lives.  

If the mother of someone, begs for a child not to speak the truth due to the fact that it would hurt the grandchildren and would make the black sheep vindicated and turn everyone’s world upside down.  

How can a parent turn the truth around when a child is raped, give more credence to a vicious monster, go behind the back of the victim and allow this monster into the life of the unborn child, make the victim the perpetrator.  How can a someone betray the moral obligations of a parent to protect their children from harm.  To allow hatred to grow based on the untruths told?  Is there a way to undue the deception that has cause life to become so rampaged with hate, lies, bitterness.

Can people learn to tell the whole truth, not the perceived truth in their minds eye.  The Gods honest truth, to let wounds heal, that are cut in so deep if they were to bleed it would encompass the world.  The tears shed would flood the earth like no flood could.  Can a life be undone to the point where these wounds can heal.  

People speak of truth, then in another breath they say that there are three sides to the whole truth, the persons, the other person and Gods, some where in the middle is the truth.  We teach our children to be honest, truthful, helpful, respectful.  What if the person teaching these fundamental rules of life, is the perpetrator of untruths, deceit, hatred?  

What of the person writing these thoughts?  Is this of a vengeful person?  A person hurt by a parent that has deceived the world to their child’s life?  Or is the writer of these words that of a wounded soul, that lived in the shadows of the darkness that a parent has put this person in.  Can the writer of these lines ever move away from the deceit?  Is there a way this wounded soul ever see the light of truth.  To attain a form of right of passage that should never of been taken away from them.

Can the author of these words just forget the harm done, keep the truth from ever coming out even at the risk of never knowing the children that made her so happy from the time of conception.  There is no reason for this person to avenge the wrongs done to them through life.  There are no reasons for revenge, retaliation.  Let the lies go on for at the time of death the deceitful one will be dealt with at death.

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I love your blog. Life has a way of turning around. I hope things turn around.