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Lesbians on Vacation

If you're expecting a piece about half-naked women frolicking in the surf or making out with each other on the sand, you've come to the wrong place. Hot as they may be, those are not the kinds of destinations I'm looking for these days when I research my next lesbian vacation...for our family of four.

Like any other couple with two young children, Em and I want to spend our vacations in places where we're all comfortable -- we want fun, safety, and entertainment for the kids, good restaurants for us, ease and relaxation for all. Unlike our straight counterparts, though, we also have to look for destinations where we don't feel like freaks. Is it too much to ask that we be able to use our precious days off in a place where both kids can call us both Mom without watching heads turn?

But destinations that proclaimed to be "family friendly" may as well have had "STRAIGHT" stamped across their brochure pages, where beautiful couples snorkeled with their equally beautiful children by day, then danced in the moonlight by night (with no kids in sight). And resorts that claimed to be "gay-friendly" tended to be of the adult variety, not suitable for children. Where was the place that was both family and gay friendly?

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