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Jun 2008

Two-time Nebula Award Finalist and award-winning artist

Vera Nazarian immigrated to the USA from the former USSR as a kid, sold her first story at the age of 17, and since then has published numerous works in anthologies and magazines, and has seen her fiction translated into eight languages. She made her novelist debut with the critically acclaimed Dreams of the Compass Rose, followed by epic fantasy about a world without color, Lords of Rainbow.

Her novella The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass from PS Publishing (UK), with an introduction by Charles de Lint made the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2005. Her collection Salt of the Air with an introduction by Gene Wolfe contains the 2007 Nebula Award-nominated "The Story of Love," also reprinted in Best New Romantic Fantasy #2 .

Current work includes the story "Three Names of the Hidden God" in the DAW anthology Heroes in Training, and the illustrated baroque fantasy novella in book form, The Duke in His Castle, coming in June 2008.

Visit her website: www.veranazarian.com


Ancient myth, moral fables, eclectic philosophy, and her Armenian and Russian ethnic heritage play a strong part in all her work, combining the essences of things and places long gone into a rich evocation of wonder.

Languages also figure prominently in her experience. Vera Nazarian is a native speaker of Russian and Armenian, is fluent in Spanish, and has studied Mandarin Chinese and German. And yet, English is her language of choice when it comes to writing.

Upcoming Works

The Duke In His Castle

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Wonder fiction, fantasy, science fiction, classic literature, books of every imaginable kind, authors and artists, baroque and ornate arts, beauty, mythology, legends, elegant writing style, ancient cultures, languages, animal rights, philosophy.