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There is a space between seasons that I have found a new name for:  The in betweens.  It is that period of time, whether it be days or weeks, that are in between the full onset of the new season.  Right now, we are in between the summer and the autumn.  When I need to have socks on my feet under my...
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Happiness is not an idea, or something that floats above our heads, kind of like a cartoon bubble, that we fill with whatever we want it to mean, or at least, think it should mean.   Happiness is not wealth, belongings, or the right job.   Happiness is not found in a product from a...
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Thank you for this day.  The sun is shining, the air is cool, I am surrounded by the people and the creatures that I love.  I feel blessed, fortunate, cared for, and loved.  It is a gift to be here on this earth today.   I also want to thank you for so many other things.   Family, all...
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Peace on earth.  Peace.  On Earth.   Is there really such a thing?  Peace.  On Earth.  I think so.  Who can dispute that there is war everywhere in this world?  People that die each and every day for a cause?  Yet, I have the audacity to say that there IS peace.  On earth. Yep, there is....
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Anyone reading love this movie as much as I do???? I see all of those hands in the air. This movie, among a few select others, are on my list of my favorites of all time. This movie however, The Wizard of Oz, I think is my ultimate favorite, of all time. I have to say, however, that I have had...
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As I prepare to write this entry, I think in a way that forgiveness is a difficult for many of us as understanding can be. To forgive those that have wronged us can be a great challenge, and a difficult thing to anticipate being able to do.   For me, forgiveness has never been that tough...
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So, I am having what you could call a crisis of faith, I suppose. A period of time when what I had previously found through my church no longer seems apparent, and I am facing a decision about what to do next. Organized religion and I don’t have the easiest of histories. As a child, my parents...
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