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6,000 Words

Last night I hit the 6,000 word mark in my first book! I have to say I'm pretty happy about it. I've been celebrating every 1,000 words since I reached 3,000. I figure that since it's my first book, every thousand words is a major step towards finishing it and starting what will most likely be a life-long writing career, so I should go ahead and celebrate each milestone. I give myself a treat of some kind each time I pass another one. That way, I'll want to keep going. And I'm sure that the more I write, the easier it'll get to write more and more (or at least I hope so), so then I'll be able to move out my milestone markers to be every 2,000 words, then every 3,000, then probably every 5,000. Soon enough, I'll finish each new book (the first draft) within a couple of months! 

Well, I don' tknow if that'll actually happen, but one can dream right?  So until I find that my hopes are true or false, I will continue celebrating my 1,000 word milestones. Weeeee!!! Time to go get my Nutty Bar now.   =)