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She said there was no Santa And I, of course, agreed. But when she questioned Rudolph, Well, I just had to take the lead.   Susan was my neighbor And the best friend I could hate. Her blonde hair and pale blue eyes Sealed our friendship and our fate.   She talked to me of presents...
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During my senior year of high school, I decided to interview my own maternal grandparents, the only happily married couple I knew at that time. Their passionate love story serves as the template for my own second-chance marriage. Frederick was the pampered youngest child of a long-suffering "good,...
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Valorie Wells will see you now!
...But, what if self-hypnosis just doesn't work for you? Sometimes, our own preconceived notions get in the way of our best intentions. Like, "What if I'm just too uptight to relax?" If you can get lost by gazing into the flames in the fireplace or listening to the pounding surf, then chances...
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"Oh no! I can't resist Nana's famous coconut frosted devil's food cake! Well, just a small slice." "Look, honey, it's that special barbecue sauce we had when we were in Memphis. Pour some of that on these ribs for me." "I never saw a cupcake wedding tower before. I'll just...
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Are you one of those white-knuckled passengers who is not actually afraid of flying, just the take-offs and landings? Perhaps you are an effective employee or a truly diligent manager but then you get "the memo." You have to introduce the next kick-off campaign at the annual company...
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Dr. Wells is IN Today!
Back on the shady side of thirty, I decided it was time to stop being my husband's personal cheerleader and find my own essential Self. And I was fortunate enough to land a job as a receptionist to a chiropractor-cum-entrepreneur-cum-business mogul. Rolla J. Pennell, B.S., D.C. had created a model...
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A Penny For Your Thoughts!
The idea of writing without fiscal compensation is much like drinking coffee without at least half & half! However, I would hope that, if my trusted physician advised me that cream would kill me, I would acquire a greater taste for black coffee than a black coffin.  So, when confronted with...
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When I think of the word "luck" I instantly think of my wee little 4'11" Scottish grandmother. She created so many personae in one long lifetime that even she lost track of her actual age and authentic story.Grandma Foley, AKA Sylvia Foley, nee Rose Ann Mitchell of Rutherglen, was...
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Used Books Make Great Gifts
I discovered a chain bookstore a few years ago only to find out it is an exercise in the ultimate recycling of literature and all things artsy-fartsy. The Half-Price Bookstore of Westport, Missouri is as unique and eclectic as this oddly intriguing neighborhood in Kansas City. Here's how it works...
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One of my all-time favorite quotes is in French. "Honni soit qui mal y pense."by Victo Hugo or maybe it was Guy de Maupassant. whatever. The point is that at the amazingly ripe age of "over-50", I realize that I really only like that quote because it rolls off my American...
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Orphan Annie Patches
"Omigawd, Mom! A baby bird just fell in my window well..no, wait, it's a newborn kitten! Mom, I gotta go!" And so begins yet another rescue story from my Mary, the former vet-tech. Fortunately, for the humans in her house, she is actually a music program director at a public radio station...
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I think someone should have guessed it when I was in Speech Class in first grade. I mean, really, I only stuttered on the letter "D'. Duh. d-d-d-Dad-d-d-dy. Some forty years later, Dad is tied with a wide web belt to a cushioned commode-cum-chair in the local hospital after his second stroke...
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