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Barbara Tieken
  When I blog, I blog about life in a trailer park; "elephants in the room" kinda stuff, social and political issues, the ones that are (hopefully) laughable.  I write about every day people doing every day things, and although I'm not a star blogger, I have a small, dedicated readership...
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I’m typing this week’s blog with one hand because I’m holding a glass of 2-Buck Chuck in the other. Such self-sacrifice also occurs when my big boy is snuggled up, purring on my arm or lap.The movement of two-handed typing disturbs "the king" and we wouldn't want to do that, now would we...
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Sometimes a blogger can’t find one damn subject to blog about.Other times, there are so many subjects, topics, issues, events and persons of interest thatit's overwhelming.  Either way, a blogger can be placed in the same dilemma:  What do I write about?  What is my readership hungry...
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Dear Faithful Readership, even those who delete my blog mid-sentence, halfway through, This is Trailer Park Girl.  It's been a two week desert, dry and barren. Partly because of the villain; that addictive beast known as Facebook, which keeps many of us from doing the shit that truly matters,...
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 I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.  ~Woody Allen It was pouring rain and we were downtown Austin at the Speakeasy.  A folksy, country rock band of three; one on the guitar, one on the harmonica and the other dude on the bass were playing to a...
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  Before I head out of town, I have this routine that consists of watering the plants, setting out the cat toys, writing a detailed “instruction list” to the cat-sitter, make those long overdue phone calls, dusting (Why the hell I dust before going on vacation, I have no clue.) I also clean...
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Jesus Saves.jpg
  This marquee has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. I just dig it.On second thought, maybe it matters... I want to begin this week’s rantings by thanking all of my faithful followers who took time out of their hectic days to complete the online ballot and vote for me in our local...
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"Now that you have touched the
 women you have struck a rock,
 you have dislodged a boulder,
 you will be crushed."~ Women's Freedom Song, August, 1956 Isn’t it ironic that Ms. Fluke and Mr. “I Rush In With My Big Fat Mouth Because I Don’t Have A Brain” Limbaugh have consumed the news these last...
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'I have begun to think of life as a series of ripples widening out from an original center.' ~ Seamus Heaney    When I entered room 7 at Bernice Curren Elementary in Oxnard California, I entered as a bright-eyed fourth grader eager to learn about the plight of the Native Americans and...
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While most people prefer the exquisite beauty of a full moon, I prefer a half moon; perfectly sliced right smack down the center and just as powerful in its ability to light up a night sky.  I'm up before the crow flies this morning and she, la luna media, is staring down at my sleepy-ass...
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My earliest memory of the Super Bowl, or The First AFL-NFL World Championship Game as it was called back then, was 1967; it’s first year. I was 9 years old and living in Southern California.  My mom, who was a football shark and expert of the game, was in the kitchen, a lit Kent...
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Diego By Shem
Why is it my cat always gets the last word?  Granted he’s getting older.  Granted I spoil him R-O-T-T-E-N.  And granted I’m a total whack job, graveling at his paws and showering him with pathetic care…getting up every time he wants out.  Sitting back down…Getting up 5 seconds...
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I work part-time at a Japanese teashop.  This is where I dust, vacuum, arrange unique gifts, greet and assist customers and the way cool thing about this job,is I also get to read a lot, write a lot and meditate; well, my own special kind of meditating that emerges from being an open...
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I just saw a commercial for www.christianmingle.com It’s the site where God helps find you your perfect “mate.”  I personally didn’t use the site when I found my sweet little match back in 1994.  I was slinging lattes and toasting croissants; serving up apple pie and cinnamon twists...
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The other evening, at a friend’s “3 Kings Celebration," I reached the state of perfect blessedness; achieving it by ridding my whole being of individual existence and simply absorbing my soul into the light of supreme spirit; extinguishing all other desires and passions, in order to be in an exact...
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