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New to Red Room - have a few years of blog posts elsewhere
scribble, scribble, scribble

Feels obligitory to post links to my science fiction writing and social networking blogs.

There are a lot of famous authors here, that's interesting. There is also quite a bit of short stories and poetry to read, also interesting. Surfing the web for blogs to read can be 'interesting' like the Chinese curse - ah the times we live in. Maybe the living in interesting times curse has backfired in the information age, and only history will tell if that's a good thing or not. Maybe there is now so much information that history will mean the past as in pre www paper and 'herstory' will be our present age of digital media, who knows.

Also: I recall seeing somewhere the question, "how did I find Red Book" and the answer is Twitter, I'm @Uva_Be If you twitter, please say hello. I am in several writers groups, and often follow #writechat , #amwriting , #litchat and/or #writegoal there.

grand writing to ya'll ~ Uva Be