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The Plunder blog!

Here begins the plunder blog. Where the law is considered illegal; where the dominantwisdom is chalenged; where we begin planning for the aftermath of the collaps of corporate capitalism.

Here is what a student that recently attended a seminar on Plunder wrote me:

Hi Prof. Mattei,

I am a student in both your Comparative Law course and Political Economy of the Law seminar.  I just wanted to thank you for a great semester.  I was not sure what to expect from your courses (considering I came in knowing very little about legal systems in other countries or economics), but am now so grateful to have taken them.  Both Comparative Law and your seminar exposed me to so many things, including a new way of thinking about the rule of law and my role in the American legal system.  Your courses were of the most thought-provoking, interesting, and important classes that I have taken in law school yet (and I am a 3L).  After class, I find myself wanting to learn more and wanting to educate others around me.  I only wish these courses were a mandatory part of every law student's education. 

Everyone should keep the eyes open and be alert. Not only law students. The plounderous hand of corporate capitalism is in your pocket. can you feel it?