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Plundrr Blog! Resist the World bank development project in the Central American Isthmus zone.


Despite the financial and economic disaster, The World Bank keeps proposing damages. In Central America they are now sustaining the  “Puebla Panama Plan”, a  four billions dollars investment. With the usual hypocrisy it has been advertised as eco-friendly and sustainable. The truth:  96.3 % of those money are going to be invested in “infrastructures” while 3.7% in the “protection” of the “Meso-american biological corridor”. While the latter is a quite mysterious concept, the former is very clear: freeways, oil pipe-lines, airports, dams and free trade zones…Right as I am writing  a group of Italian activists are traveling in Nicaragua and Honduras to help the local resisting movements, attempting to build around notions of common goods rather than of corporate ownership and development.