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Plunder Blog! What should we think now of the International Criminal Court?

I cannot believe what is going on in Sudan. Lots of innocent people will certainly die because of the insane irresponsibility of the International Criminal Court that against what has always been a common core of any system of International law has carged Mr. bashir WHILE IN OFFICE. Don't they know the purpose of the doctrine of sovereign immunity? don't they know that a deal was finally reached in South Sudan after almost two million people died and that the deal is very delicate and should be nurtured rather than endangered with this obscene display of Western hubris and irresponsibility? The deal in South Sudan which involves very significant resources including oil and water and the control over the sources of the Nile river has shown remarkable robousteness despite the inordinate instrumental confusion created over Darfur. The truth of the matter is that the West only desires disorder in Southern Sudan in order to be able to enjoy a plunder friendly environment. And the International Court of justice has once more (after Milosevich and Taylor) offered the final proof that it is germane to plunder, the best pupil of the plunderous use of rule of law ideology.

This is obscenity dressed in legal clothing. And, as usual, the inocent will pay the price.