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Plunder blog! finally some little good news.

This morning a friend sent me this letter he received tha contains what I consider very good new both in the merits and in the method:

February 12, 2009

Dear Mario,

We're thrilled to announce that in the final economic stimulus bill that was just released by a Congressional committee, funding for the nuclear weapons infrastructure was removed!

We asked you to write your representatives and thousands of you did, flooding congressional offices with requests to cut this money. We did our part too, by sending letters and pressuring Congress to cut these funds.

Thank you to all those of you who took quick, decisive action to help prevent $1 billion in funding for the National Nuclear Security Administration! This victory would not have been possible without your activism. Many Senators and Representatives did not even know this funding existed before you alerted them to it. Today gives us just one example of the power of our collective voices to achieve steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons. We look forward to working with you on this issue throughout 2009.


In front of this the first thing to do is to congratulate "www. livableworld.org"  for the very important campaign they have orchestrated. Now the next thing to do should be to make that saved billio  arrive to Gaza being used for reconstruction....

Let's contact livableworld and see if they are keen in lobbying for that!

Second very good news the debate that is unfolding on this blog among young academics on a catalogue of possible strategies to do (John) or not to do (Marco). I personally started talking about boycott, though I share much of Marco's worries, because no strategy should be taboo. Let's keeep exploring it and come out with a more rich catalogue of action. It is worth some thoughts! Perhaps we can even learn something from small successful actions, the non-revolutionary ones that sometimes seem to work.