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Plunder Blog! A social mathematical relationship.

in the last few hours a mathematical theorem seems to receive further evidence.

There is an inverse relationship between the degree of U.S. intervention and the capacity of civilization to kep hoping for a better world. Compare today's situation in the Middle East where the U.S. are focusing their murderous machine of imperialist foreign policy (sadly with no REAL discontinuity in sight) and Latin America.  In the home's backyard  the degree of US "attention" has  declined thanks to the bold moves of anti-imperialist heroes such as Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez and the Castro Brothers that, despite sustained ideological  embatelment from so much "good left"  "bad left" ideology  have been able to offer clear evidence of the impotence behind the "diplomatic" tough talk. In Salvador  Mauricio Funes of the Farabundo Marti' Front has freed the country after 20 years of sustained authoritarian pro-US rule and hopefully will join the "bad lef" in giving force to the production of a much needed alternative now, at the "end of the end of history". The hope is in power.

Compare this with Israel where Avigdor Lieberman will join Netaniahu in what can only be called a fascist coalition racist and authorian nature which will only produce more catastrophic consequences to many innocent people. A clear victory of fear over hope. Now consider the regional priorities of the US administration and drow the logical (mathematical) conclusions.  What a different atmosphere in the streets of Tel Aviv from those of Salvador. Where would we rather live?

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As this post is a theorem I'd like to add a corollary. It seems to me that this strictly refers to the idea of a rule of law of the people (moreover because we're speaking of property). I translate a brief quotation from 'manifesto', only to start a debate but obvioulsy the net is full of more exhaustive news:

 Delivering 34 rural property titles to indigenous Guaraní and small producers in the southern region of the Alto Parapetí (in the Chaco of Santa Cruz), President Evo Morales has sent a message to landowners who refuse to yield their property, inviting them to return lands in excess according to the limits set by the referendum that has accompanied, at the end of January, the approval of the new Constitution. "There are people in the Chaco region that will not put an end to large estates. These people who own more than 5,000 hectares have voluntarily to leave these lands to those who have not" said Morales speaking in front of hundreds of natives; the ceremony was held at the now-former estate of the U.S. Ronald Larsen, confiscated in February by the government along with four other 'haciendas' in which the laborers and their families were forced to work without pay in exchange for food, another condition for which the law provides the expropriation of land

Michele Spanò