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UN AGENCY CALLS ON ISRAEL TO LIFT BOOK BLOCKADE OF GAZA SCHOOLS New York, Sep 10 2009 3:10PM The main United Nations agency caring for Palestinian refugees today called on Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza to allow in educational materials for schools, stressing that these can serve as a major weapon in promoting tolerance and peace.

"There is a long history of <"http://www.un.org/unrwa/english.html">UNRWA experiencing obstacles with the Israeli authorities in getting educational materials such as paper and books into Gaza," spokesman Christopher Gunness said, referring to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East.

"This is particularly hard to understand as UNRWA’s education programmes, particularly subjects such as human rights and the Universal Declaration [of Human Rights], are underpinned by universal values which are informed by toleration and the need to resolve conflict peacefully.

"It is in the interests of everyone who believes in peace that the blockade of Gaza should be lifted especially for educational materials," he added.

Mr. Gunness also noted that the agency has still been unable to get building materials into Gaza, which means that 60,000 structures, including schools, which were damaged or destroyed during the conflict earlier this year, remain in a state of disrepair.

Earlier this week, UNRWA reported that the two-year-long Israeli blockade of Gaza continued to cause severe deprivation to its population of some 1.5 million, with unprecedented unemployment rates soaring to around 40 per cent.

Israel imposed the blockade after Hamas, which does not recognize Israel’s right to exist, seized control of Gaza from the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority.

Sep 10 2009 3:10PM


For more details go to UN News Centre at http://www.un.org/news

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The Dehumanizing of Palestinians and the strugle for power

The Israeli measurements in Gaza are not new, nor will the state of Israel ever achieve to surprise me. Historically as Palestinians, and especially since the second uprising (which its 9th anniversary is days ahead of us) we have been witnessing a large scale dehumanizing campaign which goal was to compare us to ... ANIMALS.

The Gaza blockade of general trade, medicine, educational material, the cut of working permits, electricity, water and gas are only part of what is happening. We are left with what we need to breathe (a bit less actually). Not only are we treated like animals by being surrounded by a huge wall such as a zoo, but that is literary what previous prime ministers of Israel have described us by, the most recent was Prime minister I. Barak when he referred to Palestinian as” crocodiles”, M. Begin described us as “beasts on two legs”, “grasshoppers” and “cockroaches”, but I guess that’s better than the only woman Prime minister, Mrs. Meir claimed that “there were no such as Palestinians .. They did not exist” !!

This pattern is also evident in the way Palestinians and Palestinian living inside in Israel are being treated in the Israeli legal system, this is shown in the previous piece on this blog where the Israeli policeman was sentenced to a mere 15 months after shooting and killing an Arab citizen, and this is similar to the results of the October 2000 events where 13 Palestinian living in Israel were killed (one was a dear friend of mine, Aseel Asleh).

I am sure there are harsher sentences around the world for hurting or killing animals. Here, we have our usual detour to Power,what matters is the owner of that pet, as long it’s a wealthy powerful man (or in our case country) then its life would mean something and you know it will be protected, if it is without ownership … no one cares!! And this is were the role of the Palestinian government/s can have an effect.

What they ought to be working on is creating a unified front and position that will allow them to be seriously adopted by the inactive world community, neighboring Arab countries, but most importantly, adopted by their own people. what they must NOT do is continue in this power strugle that has, my dear professor Ugo, let everybody forget (and not talk about) what is happening to the people of Gaza!!