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The Elusive Mastery of Words

First post! Yeah, I hate that, too. I truly loathe and require the internet, much like one endures an ugly lover who's great in bed but takes getting used to in face to face encounters... but I digress. It is the words here that I write about, not the delivery system. Words have never been a problem for me. In fact, whenever I need to say anything which requires eloquence, adeptness, or quality, I turn to the written form of language. Unlike the movies, one almost never gets a chance to monologue, not to mention that most people aren't swayed by a collection of words strung together. The human animal is far too complex for that kind of chicanery.

So, it stands to reason that the only forum in which one can expand on a career of words, developing a mastery of that subject, is in writing. There are those who are particularly unskilled at writing and there are others who, with their words, have changed the course of our world, changed people, and defined new parameters for human existense. Of course, there was also a time when books were worth more than gold equaling their weight. Now, in this day and age of the internet, SMS, email, YouTube, 500+ digital cable and satellite channels, iPods, and other media devices, I fear that the value of words has diminished. 

I won't be as crass as to suggest that killing the internet will save the words. It has, however, become all that more important to find and cultivate the talents of those who can still turn a phrase; cut a literary rug, as it were. I'm sure we can. We just need people to remember where all of our stories came from. Words are the source of our mythologies. While they're not always accurate, they do portray us as a people, what we think, how we feel, where we see ourselves in the past and in the future. 

Cultivate that skill. Bring out the words. Make your own mythology. Maybe, just maybe, someday it may become the mythology of a people.