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Fear of Blogging Goes to Canada
Lasses with Glasses

What I Did On My Summer Vacation
From August 27th through the 30th, I was a guest at the Pop Print festival, at the
university in lovely Edmonton, Canada, home of the biggest mall in the world. Not that I
saw much of lovely Edmonton (including the famous mall, which I am told contains an
entire beach, complete with real waves), aside from a quick but rewarding trip to the
Alberta art museum (They have a great exhibit on those we call Native Americans, and
whom they call First People, a name I like better.) and two signings at fabulous Happy
Harbor comics, one of those wonderful female-friendly comic stores -- hey, I met the
staff in both stores, and they were all woman!
But otherwise, I hung around the university and the conference. I love academic
conferences, because you’ll find nary a boy in a Spiderman costume, plus: no booth
babes, no sweaty, crowded dealers’ rooms (but there were real live BOOKS for sale!), no
panels about which is stronger, the Hulk or the Thing.
What I DID find were presentations on every form of print popular culture, from comics
and romance novels to fashion and Marie Antoinette (I loved the presentation on Marie
And in this wonderful world of internet communications, where we know people all over
the world whom we’ve never met face to face, I got to meet in person three women I’ve
only known electronically: scholar and storyteller Gail deVos, Dark Horse editor Rachel
Eddidin, Suzette Chan of Sequential Tart, and Lynette Bondarchuk, of the Edmonton
Small Press Association. Lynette was responsible for getting me those appearances at
Happy Harbor -- thanks, Lynette!
And up top are four of us, all lasses with glasses: Gail, Suzette, yours truly, and Rachel.
Finally, my thanks to Orion Kidder, who got me out there to Edmonton. How could I
have not taken a photo with him?