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So the RedRoom theme du jour is Why Justin Beiber.  I watched his video and must reply: Why not Justin Beiber?  The kid is cute (how old is he, he looks about 15), his hair is clean, he can carry a tune and his song has a genuine melody. You can hum it!  What there is not: no F word, no N word, he never calls anyone a bitch.  It's not rap!  Just that alone makes me love the kid, because nothing, NOTHING grates on my nerves more than the sound of an angry man yelling, which is what rap sounds like to me.


Granted, the kid is not what I would choose to listen to, but then, I'm a geezer who still prefers Dylan and Paul McCartney, and he's not aiming his music at me.  I say bless you, Justin; go forth and make preteen girls happy. 


Okay, so who does have undeserved fame?  That's easy: Lady GaGa can sing, Britney Spears can carry a tune, but the Queen of Undeserved Fame is Paris Hilton.  She can't sing, she can't act, she can't really do anything except snort coke.  I know she's worth jillions, but she looks like trailer trash.  I've seen the tacky clothes she wears on Mission Street girls who bought them on sale at Ross Dress For Less.  She has the thin lips and the pale face of an inbred pellagra-infected West Virginia factory girl.

Tell me again why she's famous?  I've heard she has attention deficit disorder and can't even read!

There's a game I like to play called Comes the Revolution: comes the Revolution, what will we do with Paris Hilton?  She's too skinny to eat, and to puny for hard labor.  I would put her to work in a creche, minding the toddlers.  The little ones have primal taste and would love her glitter and bright colors, and I think she's probably smart enough to play simple games with them.

As for Justin Beiber, what would we do with him comes the Revolution?   I think I would put him to work doing exactly what he does now: making preteen girls happy.

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Hey, Trina, as one geezer to

Hey, Trina, as one geezer to another, you were the only blogger about this Bieber fellow -- about whom I know about absolutely zilch -- I clicked on. Enjoyed your style and wit.