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Last month I flew to Seattle to attend the first GeekGirlCon (but not the last!). GeekGirlCon is for the Rest of Us; maybe not 99%, but definitely 52%, the women who have for so long been shut out of a male-dominated comics industry, and all the related male-dominated industries, like computers...
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Anne Francis as Honey West
Anne Francis left us Sunday at the too-young age of 80, but to those of us who knew her as Honey West, the first female private eye on TV, she will live forever. Raised on Nancy Drew, I had never heard the term "feminist," but I knew there was a need for someone in books, movies, and...
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So the RedRoom theme du jour is Why Justin Beiber.  I watched his video and must reply: Why not Justin Beiber?  The kid is cute (how old is he, he looks about 15), his hair is clean, he can carry a tune and his song has a genuine melody. You can hum it!  What there is not: no F word, no N word, he...
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...On Christmas Eve!  Just enough time to put up and decorate the tree, toss the presents (which I had wrapped before leaving) under the tree, and nap.  Whew!  Need I say that Japan was amazing and that my exhibit, at the Kyoto Manga Museum, looked great, and that the catalogue is beautiful? ...
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Me and Thomas Gladysz 1.JPG
I’m back! I have no idea what happened to my original blog, but one day it simply disappeared. But now we’re back up with a new server and life is good again. To catch up: :Last month found me signing copies of my Nell Brinkley book (and dressed, as close as I could manage it, like a Nell Brinkley...
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at the California Girls signing
The past two days have been beautiful, with plenty of sunshine and pure blue skies, but before that the entire month of June has been gloomy, grey, foggy, cold, and windy -- in other words, a typical San Francisco Summer, and according to the weatherman, we can expect more of the same. But my heart...
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California Girls BooksigningCartoon Art Museum Bookstore Event: Sunday, June 14, 2009 1pm to 3pm Free and Open to the public The Cartoon Art Museum hosts artist Trina Robbins and publisher Brian Andersen on Sunday, June 14, 2009 from 1pm to 3pm in promotion of CBG Comics’ newest release,...
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The Brinkley Girls
Here at last! The Brinkley Girls Cartoon Art Museum event: Thursday, May 21, 7:00-9:00pm Free and open to the public The Cartoon Art Museum presents The Brinkley Girls, a celebration of one of the most popular cartoonists of the early 20th century, Nell Brinkley. This retrospective, guest-curated...
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Me and Barack
This morning Steve and I went to the San Francisco Civic Center to see, on the huge screen, along with a few thousand other happy San Franciscans, Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. The weather couldn’t have been better; skies as blue as the flag and bright sunshine...
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Everything old is new again!
Return with me now to the terrible 1980s: Reagan, enormous shoulderpads, and comics for boys only. Editors and publishers, suffering from some kind of group amnesia, insisted that girls didn’t read comics, had never read comics, so what was the point in trying to create comics for anyone but boys...
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Kick-Ass, All-Girl Graphic Novel Panel
What’s Next? I’m always absolutely honored to be invited to take part in Litquake, San Francisco’s annual literary festival, along with great writers and artists like Michelle Tea, Will Durst, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Paul Madonna, Neil Gaiman and Devin Grayson, and last year I blew it when, instead of...
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Lasses with Glasses
What I Did On My Summer Vacation From August 27th through the 30th, I was a guest at the Pop Print festival, at the university in lovely Edmonton, Canada, home of the biggest mall in the world. Not that I saw much of lovely Edmonton (including the famous mall, which I am told contains an entire...
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Jadin Wong
My, how time flies! I see my last blog was six months ago, so it’s time for catch up. That Nell Brinkley book is long finished and sent in to Fantagraphics; expect to see it on the shelves this December. It will be gorgeous, because Fantagraphics does a great job on their books. In the meantime,...
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Nell Brinkley circa 1908
Outside it’s dark cold, and rainy -- in a word, miserable -- as it’s been for the last two weeks, and the San Francisco Chronicle predicts the same for at least the next week. Inside it’s almost as bad, as our 102 year-old Edwardian house has exactly one gas heater in the hall, and no insulation (...
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