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Mind if I Join You?

Today I decided to get a massage. At the end of my massage, I decided that I was going to go and steam before I showered. I see that a woman has entered where I remembered the steam room being located and she is disrobing in front of the door. She opens the door slightly and places her robe and underwear on the outside hook. I can now see through the foggy door that she is naked, but since most people steam naked, un-phased I confirm, "is that the steam room?" and she says "yes, steam." So without hesitation I throw off my robe and stark ass naked I fling open the door and say,"Mind if I join you?" Standing there frozen, just barely covering her private parts, she looked at me startled. Puzzled by the look on her face I did a quick once-over of inside the "steam room" and realized it was a steam room "for one." Uh-oh. Mortified, I quickly shut the door and yelled, "Oh, sorry!" and scurried to put my robe back on before anyone else walked in and saw me make a fool of myself. I skipped the steam and just took a nice long hot shower instead.