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Dreadful Pantyhose
"Mane" attraction

John Hughes movies, my hair plus a can of Aqua Net defined not only the eighties but my high school years. I had a mirror in my locker and would check my hair and makeup in between classes. My most embarrassing moment was at the eleventh grade Junior Prom. I went with a guy that I didn't like just to go and see my real crush at the dance. Maybe my crush would see me all dolled up and realize that he should have asked me instead of his date. But, instead I was completely mortified when I came out of the bathroom and saw my crush standing off to the side. I pretended not to notice him, look pretty and play hard to get. I had just checked my hair and makeup as I was exiting the bathroom and everything looked perfect. But I got what I wished for because he noticed me alright. He ran up to whisper in my ear that I looked very nice but that the back of my dress seemed to be accidentally tucked inside my pantyhose and my bottom was hanging out for the whole high school to see. Luckily, I didn't get any further than a few feet from the bathroom, but my crush had seen me make a fool of myself and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

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How embarrassing!

The whole pantyhose stuck in the back of the dress - every girl's nightmare! How awful! Glad you overcame the traumatic event enough to write about it!