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I'm in a bad mood.

First day of a new year and I'm crabby already.  Not a good sign at all.  Maybe it's holiday let down, maybe it's the pressure of a new year, maybe it's a sign this will be the worst year yet.

No one ever says that coming out of the gate, do they?

Everyone is always filled with "This will be the best year ever!"  No one ever says, "Holy crap, what if I'm starting the worst year of my life?"  See, I'm a grumpy pants pioneer.

I'm not sure what my problem is, well I sort of know, but let's not talk about my feelings.  I'm getting a little sick of me and my "feelings" anyway.

Instead, first post of the new year, will be a list of the things I threw out or donated today while cleaning my office for "the big best most wonderful year!"  Uh huh.

Bill Bennet's Book of Virtues - I'm never going to read this.  I have a thing for Bill, but I don't want to finish reading his book.

Shakespeare's Stories - I love Shakespeare, but I have tried three times to read this book and I don't understand it, the print is too small and I just want to stop trying.

A Deck of Cards called Rarefied Words from Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of 1775 - What on God's earth was I smoking when I bought these and thought, "I'll pull a card and learn a word every week."  First word in the deck…eftsoons.  Really? Clearly obsolete for a reason.

The individual Letter Up game from the Cranium board game - I don't even like this category in the full game.

A cute Post-it Magnet List with a little flower that sweetly says My List at the top - I never use it, I'm not cute and it's ugly.  Out it goes.

The unopened DVD of The Royal Tenenbaums - Why do I have this?  When did I buy this? Good movie, but I've already seen it and I don't have a DVD player.

Magazines I will never read, empty lip gloss tubes, left over Christmas Cards, receipts, lists of things I don't even remember needing, and finally...

A half eaten bag of Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips.

Clutter removed, everything is wiped down, candle lit, time to write.

2014, please be gentle.

My thoughts from the laundry room.  Kick Off the Covers.


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baby's hands

Tracy, Glad I stumbled onto your blog this morning  (2:20pm -- morning for me). That angry little girl gave my day a good start. Great photo. Is she yours? My eyes went from the facial expression to the hands. While it would seem that all hands are pretty much alike, to me they aren't. Hands express so much of a personality. Can't explain that -- just the way it is. I enjoyed reading your bio. I was a serious photographer once and gave it up when it became obvious that digital was going to take over. Won't explain that. Just another neurotic quirk. But I have to go back and look at that kid again. Keep slugging. ------------ Charlie 

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Hi, Charles.

Hi, Charles.  No, she's not mine.  I got the photograph from Pinterest and I believe it came from Amy Bruigler's Tumbler (if that mess makes any sense).  

I do have a similar child.  She's 20 now, but still makes that face from time to time.  I was actually first drawn to the hands.  No need to explain the hand thing, I get it, me too.  Thanks for reading.  Happy New Year!