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I have never been married; engaged twice but did not go all the way. Hopes for marriage in the future.
Mar 2009

I am a newly self-published author and have been writing poetry for 23 years. My book is titled, Breathe, and is a collection of poetry written to inspire and uplift. I normally write based on my life experiences as well as how I view the world around me. I have two other books in the making and hopefully they will be completed before the end of this year.


Mostly I have been influenced by my Lord and Savior who created me to inspire others through words. I am have also been influenced by Maya Angelou and Robert Frost; two of the greatest poets of all time!

Upcoming Works

I am working on a short bio titled, How I learned to walk without the Crutches. This book will be about my life before my dad passed away. Just to catch you up, my dad was my "crutch". It will go into my life in detail during that time and bring the reader up into the present day which is a life without my dad or my crutch. It will explain how my relationship with God has become stronger and that is how I've learned to walk without the crutches. I am also working on a brief inspirational guide filled with scripture and poetry intended to inspire us in this present day recession we find ourselves in. This book will be titled, Present Day word.



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Well obviously I love to write. I love movies and music. I am family oriented and I love spending time with my children as well as extended family. I love to take long drives and take in the view.