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Towers of Midnight trailer

Tor Books is proud to present the book trailer for TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, the penultimate thirteenth novel in The Wheel of Time series, written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Produced by the creative forces of Dragonmount.com and Mythmakers Entertainment, this video is the first-ever official video representation of Robert Jordan's masterpiece series. The majority of the crew for this project were fans themselves, and were led by Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel, who directed the short.

Go behind the scenes and watch the making of the trailer at Outta This World: http://outta-this-world.com/2010/09/01/tom/

For more information on the making of this video, as well as the latest news related to TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, please visit http://Dragonmount.com and http://tor-forge.com/towersofmidnight

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