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Review : Breaking Into Soul - a novel
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Breaking Into Soul

Leah Bennett -
In Tonya Scott Wyandon's daring debut novel, "Breaking Into Soul," the social mores of a small Southern town and the deep-rooted families that give it life are the backdrop for an enchanting journey into the past.

Tapping into her own Southern roots and Native American heritage, Wyandon crafts a passionate tale centered around Blossom Sterling, who inherits an ancestral gift; she is born wearing "the veil." It is a gift that brings power. The more her mother, Ruby, tries to resist its significance, the more Blossom becomes determined to understand and control her destiny. Then, she meets Soul, a Norwood Indian girl who opens worlds of self-discovery.
Their journey ignites the imagination and taps into familiar family dynamics that expose cultural constraints.

In "Breaking Into Soul," the Sterlings are one of the close knit, middle-class families comprising Riddle Inn. And while Blossom
is deeply entrenched in the way of life handed down to her, she is equally drawn to a place worlds away. Sometimes, those worlds meet.

"Breaking Into Soul" boldly crosses the boundaries of love and loyalty, faith and doubt, the tangible and intangible. It is a foray into lives that are held together by tradition, history, and a little bit of magic. - Leah V. Bennett, New York.