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The Vessel
What happens when your "Soul" has broken through?

When writing takes you on a journey to the unknown, are you aware?

If you are fortunate, you become the vessel for the story.

It seeps through your psyche. You can’t stop thinking about your characters, your discoveries, or their world.  You become engrossed with their characteristics, you wonder what they are doing, and all day, you anticipate escaping into their world.  The pleasure is all yours.

But sometimes, as you journey closer, you realize the truth. You begin to realize you have little control of what lies ahead. 

As the story comes into view, we become uncertain and unwilling as we transition to a place remote in time.   We attempt to restrain ourselves but upon the realization that we have become the receiver, it is then we realize we are no longer in control.

At the end of the journey the transformation is great.  It is a bright light that shines on your soul, illuminating who you truly are, underneath it all.