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Short Story
Dick and Jane will not always be happy.   But happiness is what they want for you.   So as you read, touch the icon [∆] on the screen whenever you are not happy and Dick and Jane will adjust their story to fit your needs. For instance, let’s say that you’ve had enough for one day of the world’s hardships and economic disasters.  More specifically, let’s say that...
Short Story
They were done for now and they were looking for what came next.  The unlocked cars had been ransacked of the cash they found tucked inside shifter consoles; cameras and purses ripped from where they had been shoved under passenger seats.  They had swept by all the vehicles on the second level of the garage to see if any fool had left their key in the ignition so...
Short Story
Rock saw himself killing the man.   He watched his right hand lift the marble-based golfing trophy off the credenza display and he felt the heft of it as he swept the point of the little golfer’s head in a wide arch that ended at the upper edge of his boss’s left temple.   And that’s when the chills of anxiety rose across the top of Rock’s own head and the light...
Short Story
d.tour Magazine
I know you’ve got dreams, baby. I know what you like. They’ve got an open toe that puckers into a kiss and tender silver buckles that drip off the side like tears. They’ve got a canvas skin and a leather heart, a dirty soul that spanks the ground you walk on, a slender spike for stabbing at life. They’ve got your name written all over them, baby. And, on one knee...
Short Story
Martha watches herself transfer the school’s Emergency Procedure list from her son’s lunch box to an open area under a magnet on the refrigerator.  Satisfied by this tiny alignment in organization, she steps to the kitchen counter, dips into a woven straw basket, and picks up and fondles the keys for her SUV.  She rolls the big, microchiped fob in her palm as if...